The National Morgan Reining Horse Association!

(affiliate of the National Reining Horse Association)







Reining /  Working Cowhorse / Ranch Horse Versatility / Ranch Sorting,

Ranch Riding, Ranch Trail, Speed Classes, Futures division for 1,2 and 3 year olds.

August 28-29, 2021 Lancaster Event Center, Lincoln, NE

Judge: Ben Balow

Entry forms will be available soon!

Show secretary: Connie Henrichs 402-741-1660


Main Arena III

Warm Up Arena II

Arrival Friday, August 27, 2021


Saturday, August 28

Main Arena  III

Warm Up Arena  II

8:30 am -12:00    RHV Cutting (Open, Non Pro, Youth, Green)

                           RHV Cowhorse (Open, Non Pro, Youth, Green)

                           Working Cowhorse (Open)

                           Working Cowhorse (Non Pro)

                           Working Cowhorse (Youth)

Working Cowhorse (Green Horse)

                           Working Cowhorse (Green Rider)

                           Working Cowhorse (Non Pro Limited Ranch Cow Work-box,drive,box)                            

Boxing (Non Pro)

Open for riding

12:00 pm 12:30 pm Lunch (approx)


12:30 pm 5:00   Ranch Sorting (Open, Non Pro, Youth, Green)

RHV Riding (Open, Non Pro, Youth, Green)

RHV Trail (Open, Non Pro, Youth, Green)

RHV Conformation (Open, Non Pro, Youth, Green)


 Open for riding

6:00 - ???           Speed Classes



Jumping Figure 8


Flag Race

Speed & Action


Open for riding

Sunday, August 29

Main Arena III

Warm Up Arena  II

8:30   am             Futures Division

Yearling Ranch Conformation

Yearling Ranch Showmanship

Yearling Ranch Lunge Line (Claiming Class)

High Point Yearling


2 YO Ranch Conformation

2 YO Ranch Showmanship

2YO Ranch Lunge Line

2YO In Hand Ranch Trail (Claiming Class)

High Point 2 YO


3 YO Ranch Conformation

3 YO Ranch Showmanship

3 YO Ranch Lunge Line

3 YO Ranch Riding Trail

3 YO Ranch Riding Pattern (Walk/Trot) (Claiming Class)

High Point 3 YO

3 YO Ranch Pleasure (Claiming Class)


Claiming classes. If the horses are for sale, they can be purchased for the owners predetermined price (will be posted in the show office). They will receive a different color back number. If someone wants to purchase them they pay the posted price.


Ranch Riding    (Walk Trot Youth) 

Ranch Riding    (Walk Trot Youth & Non Pro) 

Ranch Riding    (Green Horse)  

Ranch Riding    (Green Rider)  

Ranch Riding    (Non Pro)  

Ranch Riding    (Youth)  

Ranch Riding    (Open)  

Ranch Riding   (Non Pro Championship) 

Ranch Riding   (Open Championship) 

Ranch Riding    (Non Pro Ranch Riding Derby) 

Ranch Riding    (Open Ranch Riding Derby) 

Open for Riding

12:00 12:30 pm Lunch (approx)                                 


12:30 - 5:00         Reining (1st & 2nd Year Green)

Reining (Rookie)

Reining (Non Pro)

Reining (Open)

Reining (Youth)

Reining (Green Rider)

Reining (Green Horse)

Reining (Snafflebit/Hackamore 3-4 year old)

Reining Snafflebit/Hackamore 5-6 year old)

Reining Short Stirrup Youth 10 & Under

Reining Lead Line Reining 6 & Under

Reining Snafflebit/Hackamore Championship

Non Pro Championship

Open Championship

Non Pro Derby

Open Derby

Ranch Trail   (In Hand)

Ranch Trail   (Walk Trot) 

Ranch Trail   (1st & 2nd Year Green)

Ranch Trail   (Non Pro)

Ranch Trail   (Youth)

Ranch Trail   (Open)  

Open for Riding

 All classes are jackpot.  50% entry fees retained. (Derbies have separate payback). NMRHA Membership fee of $25 if not already a member to qualify for NMRHA awards and prizes.

Stalls: $100 for the weekend.  If you come for just the day you may show out of your trailer. $30 jump out fee. To assure stall availability, please reserve in advance. Stall fees are to be paid to NMRHA prior to or by the end of the show (Sunday August 29). Shavings must be purchased from the Event Center at $9.00 per bag (includes  state tax). Please order with your stalls. Campers: Charge of $10/night without utilities,  $30/night with utilities . All dogs must be on a leash.