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NMRHA Youth Reining Challenge

$ 5 awarded for each maneuver performed penalty-free!


The Youth Reining Challenge has become great fun for the kids and is very entertaining to watch. Unlike the NRHA youth classes, our kids do not have to own their own horse. This allows more kids to participate and enjoy the fun! The NMRHA also provides extra money to all competitors who perform maneuvers correctly! The reining patterns are broken down into maneuvers including turn arounds, stops, and circles in a variety of different sequences. Each pattern has approximately 8 maneuvers in it. Each maneuver is judged separately and is judged free of penalty points if it is done correctly. As every rookie rider knows, there are way too many places to obtain penalty points! Turn your horse an 1/8 too much or too little in a spin…penalty points. Lead change not exactly at the center…penalty points. Didn’t run past the marker for the stop…penalty points. Trot out of a rollback…penalty points (just to name a few!) So, for each maneuver the kids complete with no penalty points, NMRHA awards them $5. A pattern with 8 maneuvers could earn them $40! Ties are broken using least total number of penalty points. Zero scores will place followed by no scores! Come and join the fun !