NMRHA Derby Sire and Dam Program and Breeding Contract

Stallion Owners: Stallion owners donate 1 breeding which will then be sold for 1/2 the advertised stud fee (minimum $300). Private treaty arrangements or deceased stallion contracts are sold for $750. If the breeding is sold, the stallion owner is granted one Derby entry (either Open or Non Pro) (non­transferable) at 1/2 the nominating fee (not including late penalty) for the current year. The stallion is also eligible for the Sire Jackpot.


Sire Jackpot: Open to stallions whose breeding was purchased during the current year. Out of these stallions, the one who has the highest scoring offspring in either Open or NP Derby this year would take 1st place money (50% of the Sire Jackpot). Sire of 2nd highest would take 2nd place money (30% of the Sire Jackpot). Sire of 3rd highest would take 3rd place money (20% of the Sire Jackpot). Any money not awarded would go towards next year's Derby.


Mare owners may purchase a breeding for 1/2 the advertised stud fee of donated stallion (minimum $300).Private treaty arrangements may be purchased for $750. Mare owners are responsible for all other expenses as per their agreement with the stallion owner (ie. Mare care, semen transport etc.) If, when the resulting foal reaches Derby eligibility age,  this Derby is still in place, this resulting foal will have paid up entry fee for one division (either Open or Non Pro) in each year he is age eligible (not including late penalty). This right stays with the foal through all ownership transfers.


Contract: I hereby donate to the NMRHA Derby one breeding to a designated mare by my stallion


Name:_____________________________________________________          #: ________________________for the breeding year 2018_____

This Derby Breeding Contract should be accompanied by a copy of the stallion's registration papers and a paragraph describing the stallion's performance record and other pertinent data (physical attributes etc.) for our web site.


This Derby Breeding Contract is transferable to a mare owner who contributes one-half of the advertised breeding fee or $750 for private treaty to the NMRHA Derby. All guarantees are those offered by each individual stallion owner as expressed in their breeding contract. Any mare care charges, accidents, illness, or any mishap concerning the mare named in this contract are the responsibility of the mare owner. All veterinary bills and the board bills are also the responsibility of the mare owner.


The 20 _18___ fee for this stallion is $ ____________ (U. S. Funds) or ___________ Private treaty.


Stallion Owner: __________________________________________ Signed: ___________________________________________

(Please Print)                                                                       (Signature)


Address: _________________________________________________________________________


City: ________________________________  State: ____________  Zip: ____________________


Telephone: ______________________________________  email: ___________________________________________________


To be filled out by Derby Personnel: TRANSFER OF DERBY SIRE BREEDING

The NMRHA Derby hereby transfers this breeding to the mare owner named below, and acknowledges receipt of $____________ (US Funds) as full payment. All arrangements and responsibility of the breeding are between the mare and stallion owners. The foal resulting from this breeding will have paid up entry fees in all NMRHA Derbies for which he is age eligible if such is still in existence. If no foal is produced and the stallion contract contains a rebreeding clause for the following year, the paid up status will apply to that foal when when he turns Derby age.


It will be the responsibility of the owner of any Derby entry to nominate their entry within the deadline limits even if no money is due. This contract is not transferable to another mare owner. There will be no refunds.


Mare Used: _______________________________________________________________________________ Reg. #: ___________________


Mare Owner: _______________________________________________________________________________________________


Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________


City: ____________________________________________ State: ______ Zip: _______________


Telephone: ______________________________________ email: _____________________________________________________


Note:      Please report the name and registration number of the mare to the NMRHA Derby by September 15 of the year the breeding is purchased.


Signed: _________________________________________________________________________ Date: _______________________________


NMRHA Derby - Travis Filipek,  883 Tipperary Rd, Oregon,WI 53575 608-835-7442 phone/fax


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